• Lauren Billany

Battlefield 2042: Will it ever be fixed?

Two weeks into the new year, and almost two months since its initial release and fans of Battlefield are still looking for any news regarding the "unplayable" Battlefield 2042.

EA had high hopes for the release of the new Battlefield in November 2021, due to the rumours of the disappointment that its main competitor Call of Duty: Vanguard was already creating. However, the beta of Battlefield came along and presented itself as a disaster. A game full of glitches with loadouts and revives, and even when the players were able to play a game they were presented with poor hit registration and just felt like the game wasn't anywhere near polished enough.

Communication on any patches coming to fix the glitches seems to be lacking and while the previous excuse of the developers "taking a break" for the holidays was plausible for Christmas, we're now two weeks into 2022 and we still have no information. This has left fans annoyed at DICE, and wondering if they'll ever get to play a decent version of the game that PC users paid £49.99 for.

When looking at the Steam Charts, you can see that when the game was released the player count of Battlefield 2024 was hitting 100,000, but the most recent count at the time of writing this article shows only 9,000 player peaks. The lack of communication and glitches have clearly become too much for some players and they're turning to old games such Battlefield 5 which now has twice the amount of players than the new edition to the franchise.

The main question that comes from this is 'when will EA/DICE going to provide some light on the situation?'. Even if it's just a roadmap on how they plan to solve issues or even just a list of what they can and can't fix, anything will be better than nothing. Many people are frustrated, and need a bit of clarity of when the triple A game that they paid so much for, will actually become playable. The game's reputation is currently suffering, with some even calling for the game to be removed altogether, however, I think the only answer for EA/DICE is to keep releasing small updates and improvements in the hope that they can fix the disaster that they released two months ago.

Feel free to tell us your thoughts on the game and about any glitches you've encountered.

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