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DELTARUNE: The Long Awaited Chapter 2

DELTARUNE, the successor of UNDERTALE (one of the most well loved RPG's of all time), finally got its second chapter after a three year long wait.

Photo: Deltarune Logo image from Steam

The release came as a bit of surprise to players when Toby Fox the developer announced it on the game's website - Deltarune.com - and on his Twitter. Fox released the second chapter for free, due to the 'tough time' that everyone had been having since the release of the first chapter back on the 31st of October, 2018. However, he also mentioned that the next three chapters would be a paid release and that the price was yet to be determined but it was certain that it would be 'more than Undertale' which currently costs £6.99 on Steam. Fox made sure to let players know that these type of games aren't often available for free, and wished for the money that people saved from the free chapter be spent on supporting other indie developers. He also mentioned that if people really wanted to give him money, they could support him by purchasing the soundtrack from Bandcamp.

The chapter holds the same humour and mayhem as the predecessing chapter. In the developers own words, the chapter was filled with a lot of 'garbage' to experience and explore, but that should come as no surprise to those that have played the previous workings from the brilliant mind of Toby Fox. As soon as you hear Lancer's tune, you know you're in for a treat and can't help but bop along to the beautifully created soundtrack. Temmie Chang, the main artist for the game, does a fabulous job yet again of creating some stunning characters for us to enjoy. Each little monster you come across looks fantastic and really brings the story to life.

Overall, the chapter has been well received not only by me, but by the whole community. It was lovely to see the excitement the community held for the game after it being so long since the last release. Everything about it is fantastic, but I wouldn't expect anything less from Toby Fox and I'm glad to see the development of the team working on this project. No matter how long the wait, I'm ready for the next chapter!

Photo: Actual Gameplay from Deltarune

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